Aims & Scope

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, the official journal of the Wilderness Medical Society, is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal devoted to original scientific and technical contributions furthering research and medical practice related to remote, isolated, austere, or environmentally challenging environments and exposures. The journal is intended for clinicians, researchers, practitioners, and others interested in human health, safety, and performance in conditions often defined by natural extremes and/or limited access to resources. Examples of broad areas of interest include: mountaineering, altitude (ground and air-based), aquatic (immersion, drowning, and diving), thermal stress (heat, cold, and humidity-complicated), trauma, biological hazards (plant, animal, and infectious agents), military medicine, global health (travel, disaster, and climate change), search and rescue (standard and emerging technologies), unusual environmental stressors (natural and manufactured), and community leadership (education, standards, and best practice).