Book Reviews| Volume 13, ISSUE 4, P280, December 2002

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Active Woman Vacation Guide

      Author Evelyn Kaye, an accomplished adventure traveler, shares her considerable wealth of experience with her readers in Active Woman Vacation Guide. If the adventure travel industry continues today's trend of women travelers outnumbering men travelers, then this book should find a potentially large and hungry audience. Although the book is geared toward women, its information is useful for any traveler wishing to plan an adventure—from cycling Venice to kayaking Alaska to viewing penguins in Antarctica. The essays, written by women travelers, give some interesting and entertaining insights into the history of travel to particular destinations. But I found the last 60 pages most useful as an A-to-Z guide of adventure travel resources, including contact information with e-mail and website information—information that could be used by any potential traveler.
      This book will interest travelers who are looking for information on how to plan a specific adventure vacation and specifically, but not exclusively, those interested in trips for women.