Book Review| Volume 12, ISSUE 3, P220, September 2001

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Wolves: A Wildlife Handbook

      If you need to know something about wolves, from their taxonomy to Native American folklore, Kim Long's book is an excellent resource. This pocket-sized book can be stuffed in a rucksack for hours of fireside entertainment or stored on a reference shelf. Trackers and hikers will find the book useful as a quick reference; the pages include everything from a reproduction of a life-size track to a chapter on how to distinguish a wolf from a coyote. The author writes in an easy-to-read style, and the book is organized with plenty of tables and illustrations. But the book is more than a fact resource; Mr Long devotes several chapters to mythology of the wolf, ancient culture associations with wolves, and the history of wolves in North America—from their proliferation in the late 1800s to their destruction and subsequent reintroduction in the last decade.
      Anyone with an interest in learning more about wolves or with plans to travel in wolf country will find Kim Long's book a valuable resource. It has found a place on my bookshelf.