WEM Clinical Practice Guidelines - 2019 Update

The WMS is pleased to publish an update to our clinical practice guidelines. To read the updates, please check the issue.

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Shared Science

WEM and The Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM) are pleased to announce a shared science program. This opportunity is made possible through a reciprocal partnership between the journals.


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When absolute certainty may not be possible: Criteria for determination of death by mountain rescue teams
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Patients with exercise-related hyponatremia advised to "drink to thirst"
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Wilderness Medical Society issues important new clinical practice guidelines
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Unique report details the dermatological progression and effective treatment of a severe jellyfish sting
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Restricted permit-only access to Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome summit, anticipated to improve hiker safety, did not
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About WEM

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine (WEM), the official journal of the Wilderness Medical Society, is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to original scientific and technical contributions on the practice of medicine defined by isolation, extreme natural environments, and limited access to medical help and equipment. Sampling of topics covered: high altitude and climbing; hypothermia and cold-induced injuries; drowning and near-drowning; hazardous plants, reptiles, insects, and marine animals; animal attacks; search and rescue, etc.


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    Vol. 6, Issue 2, p189–195
  • Ricky L. Langley, William E. Morrow
    Vol. 8, Issue 1, p8–16
  • Abstract Image
    Jennifer Dow, Gordon G. Giesbrecht, Daniel F. Danzl, Hermann Brugger, Emily B. Sagalyn, Beat Walpoth, Paul S. Auerbach, Scott E. McIntosh, Mária Némethy, Marion McDevitt, Robert B. Schoene, George W. Rodway, Peter H. Hackett, Ken Zafren, Brad L. Bennett, Colin K. Grissom
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  • L.C. Schussman, L.J. Lutz, R.R. Shaw, C.R. Bohnn
    Vol. 1, Issue 4, p235–248
  • J.L. Breault
    Vol. 2, Issue 4, p304–312

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